The next round of Secret Wars ! Ceyhun + Koolski + Rebelzer vs. Fence + Scoreone + Warz = Süsswarenfabrik, Wendenstrasse 329, Hinterhof 1.OG - you are welcome! Photos by: Phillip Bischoff


Secret wars Hamburg vs. London, in London. Hamburg lost 0:3... Wasn´t so nice - one away point would be cool - but hey, we give a shit and we had a freestyle drunk fun! Now, England lost against Germany 4:1 we kick them out of the WM - so everything is fine! (Last but not least - Cardiff have to loose 0:3 at the next battle...)


Secret wars: Hamburg vs. Amsterdam in Hamburg. 2:1
Yeah - we lost but what a night! Amsterdam Crew: Mister K, Wayne Horse, London Police and Zender. Hamburg Crew: Ceyhun, Anus one, Rebelzer, Cuucki and Koolski. Its was really cool to had the guys from Amsterdam here - we drunk a lot togher and had a amazing night, inclusiv a fantastic breakfast at the next morning!


Secret wars battle. Amsterdam vs. Hamburg in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Crew: Wayne Horse, London Police and Zender. Hamburg Crew: Cuucki, Anus one and Koolski. Damn, we lost 1:2. Our fans was the Amsterdam Crowd! Yeah.


Video of the battle: London vs. Hamburg, from the 25.03.2010.

Video of the battle: London vs. Hamburg.

Backspin interview after the battle... To drunk to remember.


Secret wars Euro League. Hamburg vs. London, in Hamburg at the Hamburger Botschaft. Team Hamburg (3 of 6): Anus one, Osman and Rebelzer. London: Mr Gauky, Wen and Flawn. Hamburgs wins 2:1, yeah. It was a really funny night: with lots of beer, good music, a good crowd in the back and really funny english dudes! We listen to unbelievible beatbox sounds from Reeps One and ended up at Erikas Eck with a Schnitzel. Thanks for the photos to: Phillip Bischoff, Holger Haack and Jones Less Ramones.



Secret wars Hamburg. Through a funny accident ive be a part of the Secret wars battle Team Hamburg.