12 different Rebelzer Freaks on 300 gr. beamless Paper. 1Card: 2,- Euro./ 3 Cards: 5,- Euro / 7 Cards: 10,- Euro

Rebelzer, Motiv: Flaschenschiff, Hamburg 2009

Rebelzer, Motiv: Drei Tage wach, Hamburg 2008

Rebelzer, Motiv: Es ist Montag, 2005

Rebelzer, Motiv: Hä?, Hamburg 2003

Rebelzer, Motiv: Hello, Hamburg 2007

Rebelzer, Motiv: Hola, Mallorca 2010

Rebelzer, Motiv: I love you, Hamburg 2006

Rebelzer, Motiv: Liebe, Hamburg 2009

Rebelzer, Motiv: Malzeit 1, Lissabon 2009

Rebelzer, Motiv: Malzeit 2, Lissabon 2009

Rebelzer, Motiv: Mittwoch, Hamburg 2005

Rebelzer & Achtern, Motiv: Playa Naturista, Mallorca 2010


New funky products out now: "The freak-fridge-magnat-beerbottle-opener !"
With five different freak motivs, each motive available in color or black and white. Each 6,- Euro plus Porto/Post. Manufatured by: Kathrin Fischer.


Graffiti war früher anders.(graffiti was diffrent in the past.) Limitated Blackbooks in a small serie.
three different sizes. small, middle, and large. And if you like, i will paint you a freak inside !
A7 is the smallest, priece: 13,- Euro / A5 middle, priece: 17,- Euro / A4 large, sold out
Product series number: 8 books each size. Sold out.




Get the shit, keyboard / wardrobe 25 cm x 20 cm. number of pieces - 5. Sold out.


NEW STUFF: Magnetboards with Rebelzer Freaks and Sankt Pauli Beer Cap Magnet Buttons !
Kathrin finds her material at the beach and on the streets. She builds funny unique Magnetboards and small Frigde Magnets out of it ! And she combinated this, with photos of Rebelzer´s streetart. Manufactured by: Strandgutfischer aka Kathrin Fischer, check: