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A Aussie friend found in the middle of the Outback16 years old Rebelzer works... the friendly freaks and an Rebelzer Piece. From 2002. Thanks for the Photos Bro!


Rentner Graffiti Part: 6. Still loving writing my name! Gold Block Edition. Thanks for this day to Forty3 and the rest of the Boys: Jubie, Heis, Iggy, Koolski and Nasko.


The new HATE Toiletepaper! Produced out of recycled AFD and NPD Advertising.


01.11. - 06.12.2017
I will be a part with my Crew for Viva con Agua first: "Water ! Walk" in Afrika From Kigali Rwanda to Kampala Uganda.550 Kilometer.
The walking trip ends in Kampala, to the first Millertor Gallery Kampala.


The new Rebelzer Freak Patches, for your Kutte, you know? You can buy them, when i return from Africa, in December, at the Flaggschiffladen, or over the Internet.


Welt Hunger Hilfe Car at Kampala Uganda, with special Rebelzer Vinyl Quality Stickers of the Year 2011.


Letztens, auf der Reeperbahn, in der Ritze. Photo by Christian Heidemann. Thanks Rakete!


Rentner Graffiti Part 5. Hafen Hamburg. Props to my man: Forty3, Razzle Dazzle Dissel Chissel. Just a Test.


Rebelzer Freak Trikot / Sportshirt in Cooperatioan with: Congstar, FC Sankt Pauli, Millerntor Gallery and Viva con Agua. You get it at my Studio- until sold out.
Rebelzers Flaggschiffladen / Art Store, Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 47, 2035 Sankt Pauli.


4 Star Renate Hotel Bathroom Door Design.


Maastricht Wall of Fame at the riverside.Greetings to Dave de Leeuw and the boys! Photo by: Henry J. Wintherberg


First Millerntor Gallery Maastricht #1 Holland.Two Walls of the Hambstricht at night.


Rebelzer "Fünf Sterne Deluxe" Platten Cover -Wechselkarte for the new Album: FLASH


Rebelzer - KPT Freaks - work still in process.


Rebelzer Freak Viva con Agua Bus at the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg - VCA Freak on tour!


360° Skycamper on Tour.


Rebelzer East Germany - KPT Hammercamp 6.0 Crew love is true love!


Iveco Doka Rebelzer Freak - Love.


Rebelzer Freak Trikot / Sportshirt in Cooperatioan with Congstar, FC Sankt Pauli, Millerntor Gallery and Viva con Agua. worn by Vollka Putt with Original Rebelzer Beer..


Rentner Graffiti Part 4. Hafen Hamburg. Props to Forty3, Simo, Ismilealot, Fortress, Heizzz, Jubie, Deos, Seemsoe and Nasko!


Concurso Internatcional de Murals del 10 - 20 de Julio, Calle Barcelona y Calle Granada, Estepona, Costa del sol, Spain. With very nice Artists from Spain, like: Dourone, Elodie, Lalone, Zosen, ImonBoy, Ezzzmon aka si si si si ... no! Thanks guys and Ladies - was a good time!!


Estepona Graffiti Wall of fame.


Cooperation with Kiez Strom and the FCSP. For the first Electronic "Petrolstation" in the Bundesliga. 4 Cars at the same time chargeable.


Cooperation between Überquell and Rebelzer: the new "origianl Rebelzer Vollbier" 100 limited sixer. Its a part of the Art installation at the Millerntor Gallery #7 2017. It starts at the 29.06.2017 at the FCSP Millerntor Stadion.


A new: behind glas painting - for the Millerntor Gallery Auction - Christie´s. "Drei Tage auf Land unter No. III"


Congstar, FCSP, Rebelzer Cooperation.


Rentner Graffiti Part 3. Same Dude - same Freaks: Rebelzer and Forty 3. Yeah.


New and fresh Rebelzer Freaks chalk boards and Toilet Paper Hanger! You want one ? Just ask me via Email!


New / old Rebelzer Freak Screen Prints at the Flagschiff Laden - Limited Edition. You want one ? Just ask me via Email!


Freak on Tour - now in Utah USA. Offroad. Yeah.


A new Freak in a golden frame is born. Zuhause Part 2.


New Rebelzer Lamp - a lot of Freaks engraved in a 6 liter old wine bottle.


New Landrover Sponsoring Sticker. Manni = Yeah!


New Rebelzer Sticker. Yeah.


New Sponsoring Sticker. Freak on tour: Hamburg - Canada to Feuerland. Panamericana.


A new picture fore the FCSP Conference room.


Next Exhibition "REBALOT" a Cooperation Work between the Artists: Rebelzer and Ismilealot. Vernissage: Saturday 10.12.2016 at the Rebelzer´s Flagschiffladen, Hein-Hoyer-Str.47, 20359 Sankt Pauli, Hamburg. The Exhibition runs until the 17.12.2016.


The first wholetrains in the "Miniatur Wunderland" in Hamburg. Props to my bros: Fortytwo, Jubie, Nasko Vandals, and Rakete. KPT. Crew love is true love.


A new Amor Freak in a backyard / river, at Teneriffa.


Paint & Travel 2.0 - the new travel concept: "mural in return for payment of rent". This Freak lives now inTeneriffa. Woohoo.


At a nice wall in Luzern / Swiss. Together with Queenkong.10 years in love !


Viva con Agua, Neusicht / Luzern, Swiss. Goupexhibition. "Bert, der Seemann". 90 x 60 cm Acryl on Wood.


Back to the real Steal. With my Bro Jubie.


Drunken Rentner Graffiti with a lot of good friends. Habour Hamburg. Thanks for the great day boys !


Welcome Hell. FCSP Stadion, the gangway of the players to the field. Just black and red - des Zorns! Produced from UNDER AMOUR. To see the Making Of Video, click !


Rebelzer Vernissage with new paintings and freaks! Started at02.09.2016 at 19.00 Uhr at the Rebelzer´s Flagschiffladen / Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 47 / Sankt Pauli! The Boards are in single sale - so get the chance to get one out of ten ! Yeah !


The 5th Sankt Pauli Kreativnacht! With the legendary Livepainting Action at the Rebelzer´s Flagschiffladen! Special Guests: Björn Holzweg, Bobby Analog, Bobbie Serrano, Superspray and Simo! Come over for the Action and a drink !


Five years KPT Kasernen Crew !


The next 10 skateboards in process, for the Exhibition, 02.09.2016 at the Rebelzer´s Flagschiffladen. Sankt Pauli Kreativnacht.


New Rebelzer Metal Style. REB/DC


After 4 years, a new painting in front of my shop: Tasek & Rebelzer.


And still loving writing my name ! At the Millerntor Stadion - with Jubie and Erol, around the corner! Was a nice day, thanks buddys!


My first Tattoo after 16 years. But thats the first Freak i did by myself. Without a scrible, just freestyle - just a oneliner! Thanks Caro and thanks Mica - dreckig bleiben !


The 3th Bar of the Rebelzer at the Millerntor Gallery - this time with a new rooftop - yeah.
3 limited edition Millerntor Soulbottles - done! Was a good party - thanks to the VCA Crew !


Welcome Hell. FCSP Stadion, the gangway of the players to the field. Just black and red - des Zorns!


Rebelzer is Part of the Millerntor Gallery #6 Group Exhibition: Save the date: 13.07. - 17.07.2016.
The Hafen Dudes. 10 Skateboards = one piece. The painting is for the Sotheby´s auction at the Millerntor Gallery #6.
Location: Millerntor Football Stadion, Sankt Pauli, Hamburg


Cooperation between Soulbottels / Berlin, Viva con Agua / Hamburg and the Rebelzer.
You can get one of the 30 limited engraved signed original Rebelzer Bottles at the Flagschiffladen. Ask, or come over.


Freak Signs for a Restaurant / Hotel Buffet Table.


A spray Job in a Meetingroom for the Otto Group.


The special FSCP Artprint from the artists: Poongoat from Australia and the Rebelzer from Hamburg is out now! It is a limited screenprint edition of 100 pieces, specially for the Millerntor Gallery, for the game between the FC Sankt Pauli and Union Berlin. Click at the piece below to come to the Sankt Pauli fan shop website!


The new "Goldeimer" Toilettpaper is out now. In Cooperation between Goldeimer, Viva con Agua, Budni, Delikatessen and Rebelzer.
Check out the Video below - with moving and talking Freaks. The first full Freak Animation.


I painted the first Streetart at the Island Siquijor in the Philippines! By high tide they are under the water level - thats fun ! I love Siquijor! From Hamburg with Love!


The first Streetart at thw Island Palawan, in thePhillipines, at Purto Princesa, at the Habour! Close to the Police station! And the small one near the Airport.


A new Rebelzer Tattoo under the skin, in Hamburg Germany.


Nice Rebelzer Sticker on nice rides at the Philippines!


The Kaibigan Soul Camp, on the Island Palawan, in the Philippines. I build the two "Turtles" out of Bambu and Wood. Nice Cabins to hang up and sleep and watch a great sun set!


I meet Dr. Acid in Burleigh Heads and i designed him two Sticker Designs, that he already printed.


Colaboration between the artists: Poongoat from Australia and the Rebelzer from Hamburg. The first print will be a limited edition, specially for the Millerntor Gallery, it will be sold after the game (03.04.2016), of the FC Sankt Pauli and Union Berlin, only 100 Prints. Din A3, Screenprinted, at the Millerntor Stadion.


The new Shirt and Hoodie Design is ready to wear! The "Steuermann"! You will find it in the Flagschiffladen / Rebshop at Sankt Pauli - so, go for it !


A new cooperation is born between the Fresh Factory and Rebelzer: The first Art buckets: "Fruit creates water!" The Fresh Factory sell it now with the freshes fruits ever! For more informations go to: A part of the money goes directly to Viva con Agua! Check out:


Australian Xmas!


The Freak and Zezao Truck is moving on, to another Place.


New Skin Freak Tattoo: "I love my wife". KPT Freak for life - Silke!


360° Seaman Freak on VW T3 tour.


17.10. - 25.10.2015
Neusicht Gallery No.1, 50 different Artists from Germany, Austria, Swiss at the Neubad, VCA, Luzern, Swiss. Together with Björn Holzweg, Queenkong, Mittenimwald, and many more.


Still loving writing my name! Hall of Fame Luzern, Swiss. HZG, Kong, Rebelzer KPT.


100 cans, 64 meter wall, 50 Refugees, 20 Supporter, 5 minutes = 1 perfekt day: "Moin Moin Graffugees!" Check the video below!


Still loving writing my name.


A friend found this at the Camino del rey / Spain..


11. - 13.09.2015
Ink & Ride Groupshow. Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg. You find the boards at my shop !



Still loving writing my name. Hammercamp 4.0 KPT Crew / Pois.


"Kreativnacht" Creativ-Night Sankt Pauli - again! Live Painting Part #4 with direct Auction! At this time we got special artists and friends again: Holzweg, Simo, Tasek, Kilo. The action starts at 21.00, at the Rebelzer´s Flagschiffladen, Hein-Hoyer-Str. 47, 20359 Hamburg. Fell free to come over!


The Australien Alex got a new Tatto on his arm: the FCSP Millerntor Freak ! YEAH !


03.07. -07.07.2015
Millerntor Gallery No.5
150 Artist from all over the world at the Millertor football Stadion Hamburg Sankt Pauli. Yeah.
"Zuhause" the painting for the Sotheby´s auction at the Millerntor Gallery. The Bottle is a project work between Skin Gin and 5 artists.


Freak Job for KBNK in Hamburg.


04.06. - 06.06.2015
Champions League Finale in Berlin.Barcelona against Juventus ! And the Freaks are there! Image Campaign for HTC Mobilphones. More Freaks under: design.Photo below: Headquarter Police Station Potsdamer Platz / Berlin... any Queastions ?!


Rebelzer is painting the Picture: "Drei Tage auf Land unter" (Three days ontop land under...) Music by Volka Putt & MRK.



Wall of fame from 2014. I called my friends for having a good time together.


Goldeimer Komposttoiletten Erfolgskarriere - of course with a Rebelzer Van!


13. - 15.03.2015
Rebelzer was the first artist at the Gastro Vision in Hamburg.


Sticker Combo in Spain! Thanks Bobby !


The blue sailor! AC - AB with Love!


A new Kitchen Freak is born: Smutje.


A Freak painted by those pretty Ladies - with a new Hairstyle.


World - Toilettday 2014. The new "Goldeimer" Van.


13. - 15.11.2014
Affordable Art Fair / Rebelzer, Nils Kasiske, Julia Benz and Strassenkoeter for Viva Con Agua. At the Messehallen Hamburg.
Come over, buy our art and get drunk !


Rebelzer goes India - at the Taj Mahal - thanks Michi. (Next time: send me a better photo, you sucker! Haha.)


Coming up soon - the XMAS Rebier Edition! Started in Austria! Of course - its a Sigl! Cheers!


New Sailor Rebelzer Bags and Hoodies and Tshirts - you get it at the Flagschiffladen! Or write me a email!


Rebelzer is back in the hood. The new shop opening is friday, 24.10.2014


Hafensause part 2. Still loving writing my name. Together with my man Forty.



El Pais TV Video about the art in Genalguacil / Spain.Video Link, click at the photo below.


Everyday we are all use the toilet - So, Happy Birthday Ingo and have a good shit.


09. - 23.08.2014
Group Exhibition at Affenfaust Gallery / Sankt Pauli Hamburg. Together with: Alex Diamond, Björn Holzweg, Darko Caramello, Johannes Mundinger, Julia Benz, Nils Kasiske, Ramba Zamba, Rebelzer, Mir, Tasek, Strassenkoeter, Der 6te Lachs.(Photo: Kathrin Wessling)


Producing new freaks for the NEW SHOP! Same place in Sankt Pauli - will be open up October / November 2014!


Still loving writing my name. Still on the on run since 1995! Still oldskool - yeah!


Zezao and Rebelzer Collectiv Work at the houbor Hamburg.


Sotheby´s auction at the Millerntor Gallery. Rebelzers "El Pintor". Auctioneer Klaas Heufer and Dr. Katharina Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein (Senior Director Sotheby`s).


Rebelzers Beer Bar at the Millerntor Gallery. More Photos under: Exhibition.


Rebelzer is a Artist at the Millerntor Gallery No.4 Come over and see the new Stuff!


Out now - the first Rebelzer Beer in the World! Produced in Austria, with the private Trumer Brewery. Its not a Pils - its a Märzen. 4,9 % Alcohol in 0,33 Bottles. Three diffrent Labels: Hammer, Liebe and Pauli. You can taste it in some special Locations in Hamburg and Austria. Prost!


OUT NOW - The new Rebelzer "Sailer 360° degree" Tshirt - of course in black and white! You can get it at the new Rebelzer FLAGSCHIFFLADEN / Sankt Pauli, Hamburg!


Happy Easter!


Back at the Sankt Pauli Station! All for one and one for all!


Still remember the good old times. Thanks for the photos to: txmx and cmdprix - i found them in the net! And big up for my men´s: Holzweg and Sinep!


Paint & Travel Exhibition 1.0 in Estepona, Spain. From: 11.01. - 25.01.2014
At the Cooperativa Plataforma de Arte Huber. Watch the video and see all the new paintings under: paint & travel.


11.01.- 25.01.2014
Preview ! My next Solo Exhibition will be in Spain, at the: Plataforma de arte, in Estepona. I will show there all my new works, they i create in the last 7 month, during my Paint & Travel Tour 2013 / 2014. The Vernissage is at the 11.01.2014 at 8pm. So feel free to come around!


A new Freak House! Andalusien, Spain, Forest Hills. To see the video, go to: paint & travel.


Das Besten von Rebelzer. To watch the video, click at the photo below.


Santa Claus = Santa Rebelzer.


Paint & Travel Freak Number 030 - KPTreeck. Costa del Sol / Spain.


Paint & Travel Freak Number 026 - born at the Costa del Sol / Spain.


"El Pintor" a new freak born at the Costa del Sol.


Just a quick Freak in Hamburg at the Bunker. (Sorry Smil: mach weiter so!)


First Style on a Van since 12 Years. In El Palmar, on the Van of Curro! Thanks mate and have a good drive! Video under: paint & travel. (Later!)


The first Style after years. I still like letters and writing my name! Yeah! Tarifa, Bunker.


A new Freak is born at Tarifa! The first Kite Freak ever - on Urs beautifull VW T3 Kitemobil! Check out the video on: paint & travel.


"Check this out" a new spanish freak.


Right now i got a lot of output - so check the new freaky video! Under: paint and travel.


The next spanish freak in a golden frame is born - to watch the painting video, go to: paint and travel.


Liebe! Love! Amor! Spain.


The first Freak on a Van in Tarifa - later Ceuta, Spain. Have a good ride Carlo!


Viva Estepona. A new Freak is born in Spain. The Background wood comes from a old boot, that i found on the beach.


I paint a big new wall in Genalguacil, Andaluzia. To watch the movie of the painting process, go to paint and travel.


Lö Schatto - a new Freak is born in France.


A new freak is born: Klaus - the guy how help me out with my Bus Knut, at the Bodensea. More Photos under: paint and travel.


Streetart Interview with the Rebelzer - at the Millerntor Stadion. To see the movie, click at the Photo below.


We did a short stop at my brothers place near munich. And i paint a freak for my little nephew Linus.


The starter freak, of my Paint and travel tour! At the FC Sankt Pauli Football Stadion.


A cooperation between Los Piratos and Rebelzer - Amphore, Sankt Pauli, Hamburg. See the other Freak under: trashart.


Chalkboard painting at Davies Meyer, Sankt Pauli Hamburg.


A Seaman Freak Livepainting at the 12 floor of Alliance, Hamburg.


Group Exhibition "Local Heroes #5" with: John Mobilio, Uli Pforr, Boje Arndt Kiesiel, mittenimwald, Holzweg, Rebelzer, Andreas Klammt, Darko Caramello und Iron Canvas.Vernissage Saturday, 08.12. | 17 - 22 Uhr Open: 09.12. & 10.12. | 15 - 20 Uhr Location: Pop-up Gallery Aplanat, Lippmannstr. 69-71 (Hinterhof) Sternschanze. Photos of my works under: exhibition.


I finished the Project "600 Freaks Schränk". The Schränk is a product of the Lockengelöts / Design Shop, Hamburg. You can see more detail photos under: design.


The Family Rose asked for doorbell sign...


Oz, Dr.Duckfame and Rebelzer Summer 2011

My part for the "World Toilet Day 2012" - in Cooperation with Viva con Agua.


The Ultra Sankt Pauli Club had his Birthday this year - 2002 - 2012 - so 10 years Ultras: gratulation! From Ramba Zamba, Low bros, Paco and Rebelzer. You find Photos of the whole wall under: Trashart.


21.09. - 22.09.2012
The Millerntor Gallery 2# opens up the doors - today at 6 am! One Group Exhibition with over 56 Artists - showing there stuff - for a better world - for Viva con Agua! So, come over and enjoy!

24.08. - 02.09.2012
IBUG in Glauchau in east Germany. The Ibug family comes together again. This time we paint a old slaughterhouse - with special Ibug-Rebelzer-Beer!
Check out my work under: design.


FC Sankt Pauli - the real fans! Thanks Hassel!

I´d traveled around Skandinavia this Year: Dansk - Sweden - Norway - Dansk. And made a small Pop Up Outdoor Gallery in Dansk at the Nordsea. "15/15 Take-Away-Rebelzer-Freaks". To see the Freaks click on: travel.

The movie from the Project-Travel of the Viva con Agua Team, Chaoze one and Rebelzer to Kampala and Lira in Uganda 2011. DRINK VIVA CON AGUA and you help the people and children there!! Click on the photo above to see the movie. Im proud to be a Viva con Agua Supporter!!


KPT. Hammer Camp 0.1. goes under the skin.


First Style since 2001. Yeah! At the Gängeviertel Backyard. Remember the good old times! For all Oldskool Graffiti Lovers! KPT, GSP, USP.


07.05.2012 - 11.05.2012
A new wall design in Hamburg: Mathildenstrasse 7 in the Karoviertel. A colourful cooperation of Holzweg and Rebelzer. More photos under: design.


New Streetart out now - with a new medium: floorgrafics. More photos under: streetart.


25. - 28.04.2012
Betriebsausflug Hamburg - Leipzig. Rebelzer was a part of the small IBUG at the City Leizig. Together with Stuka, Los Piratos, zone56, Help and others. More photos of the wall under: trashart.


YEAH - FCSP wins in the 92 minute 2:1 !


A new hugh Freak at a new Hammer spot. Reb Rock aka KPT meets NVA!


Waterkater - the Party in Berlin at the World Water Days 2012! At Katerholzig, Berlin / Germany.


A new Buttomat 1000 is ready! In original Sankt Pauli colors: Brown, Red and White! Yeahr! More photos under: Buttomat.


The secound Secret Wars Round in Hamburg, with Ceyhun + Koolski + Rebelzer vs. Fence + Scoreone + Warz from Giessen / Germany. Hamburg wins 2:0. Yeah ! Photos of the battle under: war. Photos by: Phillip Bischoff


The Restauration starts at the Gängeviertel Hamburg - the Freak is the ninth colour step...


Hier entsteht in kürze eine neue Streetart Galerie aka dein Vadda in pink - du Opfer.


A new quick Beardfreak = Reb Rock.


The next round of Secret Wars ! Ceyhun + Koolski + Rebelzer vs. Fence + Scoreone + Warz = Süsswarenfabrik, Wendenstrasse 329, Hinterhof 1.OG - you are welcome!


This is a small image movie of the IBUG 2011 from the Doku Crew. To watch it, click at the Photo below and enter the password: kaffeetasso


The last exhibition at the Halb Acht Gallery in Hamburg, before the Gallery closed the doors for ever. Vernissage: Saturday 28.01.2012 at 7.30. Photos under: exhibiton.


Frozen Girl Arm Rebelzer Oneliner Throwup, back in the good old Times.


The "Beer-Van" for the hard workers at the Fusion Festival Backstage Place, a quick drunk painting in summer 2011.


The new generation of the Buttomat 5000 is out now! More under: buttomat.


The YOUGANDA Music Video is out now! With Chaoze One, Nassejje Julia Mildred, Bernhard Fischer and Soundmaster Ricko. Recorded at the Mask Studio & filmed in Kampala at the Kabalagala, by Julia Drache while a VIVA CON AGUA project trip. Video Cut by Julia Drache. The song and the video was realized in only three days! To watch the video, click at the photo below.


30.11.2011 - 14.12.2011
Rebelzer goes Africa. I made some Graffworks with Kids and Sprayboys in Uganda. This project was powered by the Goethe Institut, the Welthungerhilfe and Viva con Agua. We went from Entebbe to Kampala to Lira and back. Photos of the trip under: travel.


The third Buttomat 1000 is out now ! I still like tiny buttons - and i still can not lie! More photos under: Buttomat.

The WASH FESTIVAL 2011 in Hamburg. 11 international Artists painting for 11 days 11 pieces for the Sozial Art Festival Wash. Im a part of the jury, together with Daim, Tasek abd Daddy Cool. To watch the trailer video, click on it.


The IFM Backyard Piece is finished.


The Double Punch Video: Viva con Agua vs. FC. Sankt Pauli. Thanks to Randy Rocket.


Opening of the "Millerntor Gallery" at the Sankt Pauli Stadion. Exhibition of urban Art together with Los Piratoz, Mittenimwald, Holzweg, the Low Bros and others. Opening and Vernissage at the 22.09.2011. More photos under exhibition.


12.09.2011 - 18.09.2011
The biggest Double Punch Rebelzer Freak until now and still in process. Im painting together with Daddy Cool aka Rocket aka Heiko Zahlmann, the huge wall - 17 x 4 meter - at the Sankt Pauli Football Stadion. The project got realized with one of the best social-projects in town: viva con aqua. More Photos under: design.


Quick and big, the muscle freaks - Rebelzer with HIFI and the IFM: Simo, Phanc and Markus. In a backyard of Sankt Pauli. More photos under trashart.


Livepainting with auction, Part #2. At this time we got special guests again: Holzweg, Anus one, Simo, Tasek, Kilo, Hifi, the Low Bros and Koolski. The action starts at 18.00 pm, at the Hotzenplott Shop, Hein-Hoyer-Str. 47, 20359 Hamburg. Fell free to come over!


02. - 04.09.2011
Rebelzer is a part of the STAMP Festival in Hamburg Altona. It was a really funny action together with: Remi Rough, Los Piratoz, Daim, Tasek, Heiko Zahlmann and Golden Green. Photos of the wall under: design.


26.08. - 04.09.2011
Rebelzer is a part of the IBUG Festival, that urban culutre event in Meerane / East Germany. It will be cool to paint among other things together with: Tasso, Simo, Hifi, Zone56, Ruskig, Emilone, Wurstbande, Atem, Flamat, Zebster, Tshunc, Help e.t.c. For more Information click at the Ibug Logo below. Photos of Rebelzer´s IBUG Work under: design.


06.08. - 20.08.2011
THIS EXHIBITION IS BORING - feel free to stay at home! Solo Exhibition at the Halb Acht Gallery, Hamburg.Vernissage: Saturday 06.08.2011
Photos of the exhibition under: exhibition.


OUT NOW - the first "BUTTOMAT 5000" worldwide! You will find the Buttomat 5000 at the Hotzenplott Shop in the Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 47, in Sankt Pauli, Hamburg. (I like tiny buttons and i can not lie!) Photos under: buttomat.


SOUL REBELzer. I painted, after a long time again, with my oldschool buddy Diak a quick piece together in Unna / NRW.


Rebelzer is the studio guest of Harris Mc. To see a part of the Interview, click at the photo. (Sorry, the link didn´t work anymore...)


Fusion Festival in Lärz, East Germany. I builded "the Wave". More Photos under: design.


Rebelzer goes to the Festivals and the Freaks get animated! A bit proud i present you the first Freak Advertising Spot for Viva con Agua! To watch the Spot click on the picture.


Rebelzer supported Viva con Agua - WASH means: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.


The Shop Opening of the Hotzenplott Shop - Feel welcome to come over, to visit my new Shop! The Party starts at the 21.05.2011, 15 Uhr, Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 47, 20359 Hamburg. Hope to see you there ! Rebelzer.


OUT NOW - the new "BUTTOMAT 1000" worldwide! And directly two of them! The next two Automats where you can get original Rebelzer Buttons: to go.You will find the Buttomat 1000 at the Hotzenplott Shop in the Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 47, in Sankt Pauli, Hamburg. (I like tiny buttons and i can not lie!) Photos under: buttomat. THE GREEN / ORANGE ONE GET STOLEN! 07.2012 !


New awarenesses. 1. roller is the new cane. 2. brown is the new black. 3. outlines are power.


A Rebelzer Freak in XXL. Im painting together with Nerd (Low Bros, TPL) a huge wall - 17 x 4 meter - at the Sankt Pauli Football Stadion. The project got realized with one of the best social-projects in town: viva con aqua. Photos under:design.


OUT NOW - the first "BUTTOMAT 2000" worldwide! The first Automat where you can get original Rebelzer Buttons to go.
You will find the Buttomat 2000 in the Gängeviertel, at the corner by the Kupferdiebe Gallery, Caffamacherreihe 49, Hamburg. (I like tiny buttons and i can not lie!) Photos under: buttomat.


The #5 wall at the Hotzenplott Shop, Hamburg. A collaboration of QBRK (Low Bros, TPL) and Rebelzer. More under: trashart.


The Gäng. A new freak at the Gängeviertel.


Group exhibition of all "halb acht gallery" artists at the 3th birthday of the gallery. The artists:Uli Pforr, Boje Arndt Kiesiel, John Mobilio, Elmar Lause, Holzweg, Andreas Klammt, Rebelzer, mittenimwald, Anne Pfirsich, RuvV, Rachel Lynn Hughes, Linus Dutz, Los Piratoz. Special Guest: Iron Canvas An den Plattentellern: Achtern Vernissage Saturday 15.01.2010 at 19:30 Uhr Ausstellungsdauer bis zum 22.01.2011Öffnungszeiten: Mi. - Fr. 16:00 - 19:30 Uhr Sa. 13:00 - 18:00 Uhr


Achtern and Rebelzer had a funny idea, 50 Meter of fairy light, and one hour time.


Wood letters - rocks!


Snow tag - rocks!


08. - 22.12.2010
Hotzenplott presents: MITTENIMWALD & REBELZER, since the 08.12. is at the Hotzenplott Store, Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 47, a special Art Exhibition from Mittenimwald and Rebelzer: "We will finaly sell our last original pieces for this year, so come around and get one !" Opening times: Monday to Friday: 12.00 - 19.00 .


And at the 18. - 19.12.2010
MMIES and the Rebelzer celebrated they "MODE & FREAKS" Volume 3. this time at the Mmies Store, Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 45, Sankt Pauli.Opening times: Saturday and Sunday: 12.00 - 22.00


25.11. - 23.12.2010
Its trashmas time ! Rebelzer is part of the Hotzenplott Shop at the Santa Pauli Chrismas Market! Check it out!


NEW REBELZER POSTARDS! 12 different cards on nice beamless carton. Photos under: cheapart.


New streetart are in the streets. Achtern (los Piratos) meets Rebelzer. More photos under streetart


"Safe the museum" Altona Museum, Group Exhibition, Hamburg. Photos under exhibition.


Just some quicky "FFF" (fatcap flat floor) paintings.Photos under trashart.


The #4 wall at the Hotzenplott Shop, Hamburg. A collaboration from Andreas Klammt and Rebelzer. More under: trashart.


Mode & Freaks, Special Rebelzer Exhibition at the Hotzenplott Shop, at the" Creativnight" of Sankt Pauli. Photos under: exhibiton.


New Tshirt out now: "I like getting drunk" Photo under: tshirt.


Freaks on the wall in the atelier.


Painted for a friend, he forgot it and now its lost & WANTED. (Not anymore - he found it!)


Pudel Art Basel 2. unauthorized. Photos under: exhibition.


Ive painted together with Sinep, the AFM Container at the Sankt Pauli Stadium. Photos under: design..


That was happend at the Gängeviertel Birthday Weekend... if you know that guy, please let me know.


The new home of a freak.


20.08. - 03.09.2010
Group Exhibition at the Kupferdiebe Gallery. Eighteen Artists of the Kupferdiebe Collectiv having a Housegroup Exhibition together, and it started to the first Birthday of the old and new Gängeviertel. Vernissage: 20.08.2010, at 20.00. Kupferdiebe Gallery, Caffamacherreihe 49, in Hamburg, at the Gängeviertel.
Photos under: exhibition.




07.08. - 22.08.2010
Solo Exhibition at the Halb Acht Gallery, Hamburg. Vernissage: 07.08.2010 at 7.30 pm. Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 16, 20359 Hamburg.
Photos under: exhibition.


Ducks and pieces: Koolski, Cuucky, Anus and Rebelzer in rush. Photo by txmx.


Fusion Festival in East Germany. I was part of the Deko Crew from the Salon de Baile. Photos under: trashart.


Secret wars Hamburg vs. London, in London and Hamburg lost 0:3... Photos of the battle under: war.


New Video of the last batle: Hamburg vs. Amsterdam at the Waagenbau. Video: vonFranz, and photos under: war.


26.05. - 04.07.2010
Galerie 18/1, Schleusengärten Galerie. Rebelzer is one of the Artist of the Billboard Galerie in Bergedorf. More photos under: exhibition.


Secret war Euro League. Hamburg vs. Amsterdam, at the 13.05.2010 at the Waagenbau / Max-Brauer-Allee, in Hamburg. Amsterdam Crew: Mister K, Wayne Horse, London Police and Zender. Hamburg Crew: Ceyhun, Anus one, Rebelzer, Cuucki and Koolski. More photos of the battle under: war.


Secret wars Amsterdam vs Hamburg in Amsterdam. More Photos under war.

New video of the last battle. London vs. Hamburg. More videos and photos under: war.

The #3 wall at the Hotzenplott Shop, Hamburg. A collaboration from Anus one and Rebelzer. More under: trashart.

09.04. - 21.04.2010
Rebelzer is one of the Kupferdiebe and part of the first Kupferdiebe House Exhibition. 20 Artists working in one House and shows the people they works! Vernissage: Friday: 09.04.2010 at 8 pm.


Secret wars Euro League. Hamburg vs. London and we win 2:1. Photos under: war.


11.03.2010 - 02.06.2010
A solo Rebelzer Exhibition at the Rialto Restaurant, Michaelisbrücke 3, 20459 Hamburg. If you like my Freaks and Schnitzel - thats for the next three month the place to be. Vernissage: thursday, 11.03.2010 from 5.00 am. Photos of the Vernissage under: exhibitions.


TIDE Interview with: Backspin, Rebelzer and the Vicious Gallery, Hamburg. 27.01.2010 To see the video, click on the photo.


Secret wars Hamburg. Through a funny accident ive be a part of the Secret wars battle Team Hamburg. More photos under: trashart.


New Rebelzer Shirts out now! I produced same of my fraks on shirts in al limited edition. Some of them are unique, cause they are printed on some nice handmade clothes of Maren Mmies. If you want a normal black shirt, send me a message. More photos under: tshirts.


1995 - 2010
15 Years Rebelzer ! 15 Years sticker war in the streets! OUT NOW ! More under: sticker.


Group Exhibition of 16 artists on the occasion of the 2th birthday of the Halb Acht Gallery. Vernissage 16.01.10, Hein-Hoyer-Str. 16. Beginning 7.30 pm.


The #2 wall at the Hotzenplott Shop, Hamburg. A collaboration from Mark Gmehling and Rebelzer. More under: trashart.


Be happy, sing and dance - the Gängeviertel is safed! Berliner Newspaper about the Gängeviertel in Hamburg.


Mode & Freaks, two in one and only for one day. I show same small freak canvas and Maren Mmies shows her clothes - togethe we show: Mode and Freaks in the Hotzenplott Shop, Hein-Hoyer-Str.47, 20359 Hamburg, from 3 pm to 10.


26.11. - 23.12.2009
"It´s trashmas time" Freak design for Hotzenplott & Strandgutfischer. Christmas Stand, Spielbudenplatz, Hamburg, More under: design.


Hommage to the Hippie Schleuder, the Rotzige Beats Commando Centrale ! To see the video, click on the photo.


Tasselzer - thumbs up! Tasselzer is a Cooperation between Tasso and Rebelzer. Integrate different styles on old canvas. More photos under: trashart.


Some of the rebelzer freaks goes around in the online newspapers. All in combination with the Gängeviertel and the "Komm in die Gänge" Project.


Exhibition of Dr.Ocioso and the Rebelzer at the Hamburger Gängeviertel. Vernissage: Friday 30.10.09 at the Kutscherhaus of the Kupferdiebe, Caffamacherreihe. Start 8pm. Hope to see you there. More info about the Gängeviertel: More photos under: exhibition.


The #1 wall at the Hotzenplott Shop, Hamburg. A collaboration from Holzweg and Rebelzer. More under: trashart.


To guest at the Kupferdiebe Open Air Gallery in the Gängeviertel, Hamburg. Motre photos under: trashart.


A new freak is born ! The guys from the Spielbudenplatz in Hamburg asked me, if i wanna design a freak as the new Logo for the Night Market. So i did. More photos under: design.


First Group Exhibition with Rookie, Herr Orm, Masone, Prof, David Radon, and Ago at Schloss Bodelschwing, Dortmund. More photos under: exhibition.


Artifarti Art Show. Somewhere near the canale in Hamburg. More under: trashart.


22.08.2009 - still running
Rebelzer is one of the: "KOMM IN DIE GÄNGE" Artists, how allocation the history houses in the middle of Hamburgs City. Over 200 Artist comes at the 22.08.09 together, to show the goverment of Hamburg, that the Artist needs more space for Ateliers and Work Space with low prices to work. The allocations is still running and lots of Art is still there. More Infomation about it -
- Photos under: exhibition.


24.08 - 30.08.2009
Rebelzer will be a part of the IBUG 2009 - Industriebrachenumgestaltung in Meerane. For more information check:


01.08.- 16.08.2009
Rebelzers Freak Show - We are many and we are drunk.
Exhibition at the "auf halb acht Galerie" in the Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 16, Sankt Pauli Hamburg. VERNISSAGE on Saturday at half past seven (19.30 Uhr).


Kathrin comes around with her new funky fancy freaky Idea: "The freak-frigde-magnat-beerbottle-opener!".
More photos under: cheapart.


New Freaks out now! This was an house-paint-job in Hamburg. Lost of Freaks - lots of love! More photos under: trashart.


A friend visit me with his kids and his daughter is a little fan of me. She is a tuff girl, and im sure, when she is older, that she will rock the house. Yeah !


"Solidaritäts-Party" for the Gängeviertel, Hamburg. The Exhibition started at 21.00, the party beginns at 23.00.


Fusion. Unreal. More photos under: trashart.


Spraypainting Yellow´s Bus - the Rotzige Beats Headquarter - together with Superfatcat. More photos of the bus under: trashart.


04. - 18.06.2009
NEW Free Rebelzer Postcards, divided in whole Germany, in over 3500 (!) Stores, Bars and Clubs ! So watch out - hope you get one !


06. - 07.06.2009
Attic-Art-Day-Group-Exhibition-Vernissage and Finissage - in an old Habour Loft, by Tamo Kunz.
Only one day and one night. Photos under: exhibition.


The freaks are still on the run - and Rebelzer is still wanted. More under: krise.


Illegalerie No.5 - framed by Achtern / Los Piratos. More under: streetart.


Rebelzer´s and Achtern´s Los Piratos Lissabon Tour 2009. More under: travel.


The Fritze Freak. Rebelzer Advertising for the Hamburger Fritz Kola Company. More under: design.


New international sticker trades and combos. More under: sticker.


New cheapart stuff: Magnetboards from Strandgutfischer ! More Info´s about it, in: cheapart.


watch out for free rebelzer platinum cards ! you will find: Es ist Montag! right now in over 856 stores and bars in whole germany. Hope you get one !


since 01.2009
still finance crisis and the freaks are on the run. first come - first serve. more under: krise.


new shirt: the flying mäftich & päftich marker.


07.02.2009 - 28.02.2009
Next small Exhibition at the Kunst Kiosk, Paul-Roosen Straße 5, Hamburg. Rebelzer shows Old and New Stuff. Beer-Vernissage 07.02.2009 at 6.00 pm. photos of the works in: exhibition.


Last picture: Elekro Liebe - Electro Love. Details in Trashart.


Der diskrete Charme der Anarchie
Ein Bericht von Larissa Robe. Foto: Verena Laube.


Players Live - Player Night Vernissage Elektro Liebe. Streetart meets Live Acts meets Audio meets Visuals. Angel Club, Blaues Haus (Schuppen 22) beim Pudel, Sankt Pauli, Fischmarkt 18 Beginn 21.00 Uhr


06. - 07.12.2008
rebelzer will be this year again by holy shit shopping - design xmas market, hamburg


rebelzer meets the kunstkombinat, hamburg - xmas selling point of rebelzer cheapart -


vicious gallery, charity vasen, kindermut, alexa lixfeld, hamburg -


Viva la croatia! Shorttrip to Croatia - What a beautyfull country! More photos under: travel.


Illegalerie No.4 Vernissage, dead before born, hamburg


02.08. - 23.08.2008
exhibition galerie auf halb acht, hein-hoyer-strasse, hamburg -


the five friends tshirt edition • tshirt exhibition, auf halb acht galerie, hamburg


kamikatze meets die kupferdiebe meets los piratos meet asa meets sachsenstrassen abriss party ! that was a really good party.


plankton, Streetwearshop, sticker exhibition, dortmund -


09.02. - 23.02.2008
allmostfamous gallery, exhibition with Darko Caramello, BE118, hamburg


01.02 - 15.02.2008
kupferdiebe kunstkiosk, vinyloplex exhibition, hamburg


Chrismas Market in Sankt Pauli Hamburg. Fish and Chips Freak, more under design.


02.11.- 03.11.2007
skam e.v., exhibition together with franzy höhne ,hamburg


allmostfamous gallery, exhibition at kukuun ,hamburg


since 2005
lockengelöt, gelötemanufaktur, sticker and cheapart selling point, hamburg